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About our programs

Hey there, Im Kym, a Mum to 4, Past Nurse/Midwife now helping other busy women do the same! Im here to help you with your goals and get you feeling amazing.

Like many others , Ive been there too-struggling with my weight and trying all the products on the market! I was excited to finally find a simple program with REAL food that worked!

This is the place where you can get started on your own wellness journey, to find the old you, with all the support and guidance you need.

Are you ready to boost your confidence?,health?,energy levels?

Reboot your Gut Health & Lose Weight

Meet The Director

Our Simple Three Step System

Step 1

These are the two fat-loading days that are crucial to the program.
You consume foods that are high in good fats.
On day 1 you begin the nutritional supplements for premium support during this gentle detox phase, these are also vital to the program.

Step 2

Here your body burns fat and your food cravings will settle. Your energy and mental clarity is something that most people notice in this phase also. In this step – we continue the nutritional supplements to assist with maintaining your energy. You will notice improvements in many positive ways.
All food is prepared by you and includes meat, vegetables and fruit that the whole family can enjoy.
Step 2 – The minimum time frame is 21 days but you may continue for up to 40 days.

Step 3

This is the final, and very important step of the program. You will feel like starting exercise, which we all know is a must.
The time frame for step 3 is 21-40 days (the same time frame as step 2). We now follow a healthy lifestyle with fabulous recipes to help you. We include good fats, proteins and low carbs, you will find this becomes your healthy lifestyle.
Many people who wish to reach their goals simply repeat these steps – It’s that simple.

An Example of our Daily Routine

You will be fully guided on your journey by one of our amazing Mentors who have also done the program.

  • Includes 3 litres of water daily
  • Morning nutritionals
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Dinner & some more nutritionals

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Our professional mentors will guide you along the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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Join a massive support group and community of people who are transforming their health.

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Love life and feel great with your lighter healthier body. Live your best life and maintain it with your new healthier lifestyle.

You may need to repeat the program to reach your healthy goals


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Disclaimer: Please seek the advice of a Medical or Health Care Professional before beginning the program if you have health issues or are on medication.